Georgia Webster’s insightful songs are inspired directly from her experience as a teenager living in a small town of a few thousand people in rural New England. 

“When I write songs, I just like to tell it how it is,” Georgia says. “That’s why I love country music so much. It’s about real people, and I can see my life reflected in the lyrics.”

After learning guitar by teaching herself to play Taylor Swift’s early country hits, Georgia quickly began writing original songs and sharing them with her friends via social media and live performances in local coffee shops and music venues. Her life completely changed when one of those songs, “Tell Your Mom,” became an instant viral hit on TikTok in July 2020, amassing more than two million views in just a few days. 

Georgia’s success on TikTok brought impressive offers from pop and rock record labels out of New York and Los Angeles, but her instincts told her working out of Nashville would allow her to stay true to herself as a singer/songwriter with small-town roots.  Georgia teamed up with songwriter/producer Paul DiGiovanni (Sam Hunt, Lauren Alaina, Dan + Shay) to create the studio version of “Tell Your Mom,” which retains the acoustic spark of the original TikTok performance.

“As a new artist, I want to grow organically.” Georgia explains. “And everyone in Nashville I’ve been working with is so down to earth, which is so important to me.” 

“Tell Your Mom” is based on the idea that when you date someone, you’re also forming a relationship with their family and sometimes following a breakup,  the rest of the family can find it hard to say goodbye. Though “Tell Your Mom” was inspired by Georgia’s own life experience, she’s discovered she’s not alone in living out this specific scenario since the song went viral. 

Georgia says, “I’ve had so many people comment saying, ‘Oh my God, this happened to me.’ Once a family member of an ex reaches out, it brings back all the memories of the relationship you’re trying to put behind you. It’s a weird feeling.” 

“Tell Your Mom” is a sassy ear worm, but it’s only a preview of Georgia’s growing collection of original songs. Follow Georgia on Instagram and TikTok to discover more of her music.